Australian innovation clearing taps in India

Categories: | Author: Clearguard Administrator | Posted: 11/01/2011 | Views: 3866
Clearguard Autorodders for the Utkal project have been shipped on schedule.

Clearguard Pty Ltd has been awarded a contract to supply Autorodders to the Utkal Project located in Orissa State, India and owned by Adityabirla. This is a huge endorsement of an Australian invention that has already been used for many years in Alumina Refineries around Australia.

The Autorodder completely eliminates the risky practice of manually rodding out tapping points.  This has additional advantages of ensuring process units are never isolated.  Process variable measurement is now accurate and recent data from an Australian refinery shows zero to minimal effect on process variable measurement when the Autorodder strokes through the tapping point.

Water savings were a major factor in the selection of the Autorodder for the Utkal project.  Water in Orissa State is scarce.  By using the Autorodder to maintain a clear tapping point a flowing purge is no longer required to flush the tapping point clear, this substantially reduces dilution into the process and more importantly reduces energy losses.  In most refineries a purge flow rate of 25 - 30 litres per hour at 20oC or less enters each tapping point.  By using  Autorodders the purge flow is reduced to 5 - 8 litres per hour.  With carbon emitting power stations built to heat the process up to 100oC or greater, less cold parasitic purge extracts less heat generated specifically for the process.

The Utkal refinery has followed on from the renukut refinery in using Autorodders.  The Hindalco Renukut operation has been using Autorodders for the past 3 years.

Clearguard is pleased to announce that additional projects in India and elsewhere have also indicated a strong preference to use Clearguard Autorodders.