NEWSFLASH!!! Clearguard introduces new safety initiative

Categories: | Author: Clearguard Administrator | Posted: 18/05/2011 | Views: 4257

Clearguard is proud to introduce the newly designed and developed TPV (Tapping Point Valve)

This valve was developed because there is no instrument isolation valve available on the market with bores that do not clog up on dirty applications.

The TPV has a 1" male screwed connection to allow for connecting into tapping point and the vent connection can be used to direct pressure to a safe area. The rear 1" female screwed connection can be used for a plug in applications where there is very little scale build up or you can fit an Autorodder for applications with scale build up.

This valve is designed as a standard stock tapping point instrument valve and even if there is no Autorodder the valve can be closed and pressure behind the valve released through the vent port before the plug is removed. Pressure in the impulse tube at the transmitter can be released as per normal.

This safety initiative is a direct result from a recent fatality in the USA whereby a technician isolated the tapping point by closing the valve and presumed he had bled all process and pressure (in this case HF acid) via the bleed port on the transmitter. Sadly there was a blockage in the impulse tube which meant that the only pressure being relieved was between the blockage in the impulse tube and the transmitter. When he came to remove the plug behind the isolation valve there was still process under pressure and he received a fatal dose. Our isolation valve eliminates this from ever happening as the bleed port allows you to immediately confirm the valve is closed before any removal of plugs, impulse tube or even Autorodder is made from behind the valve.

The TPV can be manufactured in accordance with International Standards for flange and thread connections.