Read the July 2002 issue of PACE

Categories: | Author: Andy Kahle | Posted: 28/01/2009 | Views: 5549

Read the July 2002 issue of PACE (Australia’s Premier Process and Control Trade Magazine) for independent comments on Clearguard® and successful applications in the Alumina Refining Industry. Read how Worsley Alumina feel about the device. Here is an extract from the article:

"Clearguard® trial participant Andrew Crilly, Worsely Alumina electrical/ instrument maintenance co-ordinator, says the device has proven to be an effective tool in the accurate measurement of process variables over a 12 month trial.
'Where we have them installed at the moment, is on our clear filtrate tanks,' he told PACE. 'And this is probably, in our plant, the most hostile type of environment—steam, foam, high temperatures, very rapid flow changes, small tanks, and huge, huge volumes go through them. We’ve got them installed there and we’re in the process of installing them for the level on our causticiser tanks. They look after calcium carbonate in the product, so its sort of a lime-ish type tank. We intend to put them on all of our flash vessels and probably some of our pressure vessels because we reckon we’re on a winner.'"