Industry expert recommends Clearguard Tapping Point Valve

Categories: | Author: Clearguard Administrator | Posted: 14/08/2012 | Views: 6288


“The Tapping Point Valve (TPV) manufactured by Clearguard is a simple innovative device that minimizes multiple fittings on your pressure tap requirements.  Not only does the TPV reduce the overall footprint and keep your pressure connection close to the source,  it also minimizes potential leakage points on your pressure measurement connection because less fittings are required.  Each Tapping Point Valve has 3 connections which allows a great deal of flexibility to facilitate your plant requirements for pressure connection.  The TPV is available in threaded or flanged versions from ½” to 2” so it can easily adapt to any existing process connection.  If the Tapping Point Valve is installed in a process that historically tends to create blockage in pressure connections, the TPV is designed to incorporate the use of the Autorodder (also manufactured by Clearguard).  So, whether you require an Autorodder or not, I strongly recommend using the Tapping Point Valve for all of your process pressure connections.”

Industry expert - August 2012