Manual rod-out research

Categories: | Author: Clearguard Administrator | Posted: 20/09/2012 | Views: 3977


Resent research into the number of manual rod-outs carried out at a number of process plants, revealed that one business who thought they had no significant problems with plugged tapping points, actually performed 461 manual rod-outs on average, per month (5532 per year). 

As you can image, this has prompted management to work out, how much it is costing them in man hours and lost production, forget intangible costs such as safety equipment and procedural compliance. 

It confirms that the focus at different levels of business management can sometimes lose sight of cumulative costs when extrapolating one small issue, resulting in one big problem.

The technicians were trying hard to constantly put out fires, whilst management were concentrating on cost saving, which some technicians have said are actually causing the fires......

It's like driving down a road with a pot hole. At first it's a problem, by trip 5 you automatically drive around it without thinking, because "it's there!”. When a second pot hole appears, you just drive around it and so on... If all pot holes were fixed, imagine…….

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