Accurate. Safe. Efficient.

The Autorodder™ is a preventative maintenance tool designed to keep instrument tapping points clear, thus enabling precise control measurements to be obtained and accurate data captured and dealt with immediately.

Operating 24/7, the Autorodder™ is the only available automated solution to manual rodding out. Completely eliminating risk to people, process, and data reliability, the benefits of the Autorodder™ will be experienced on your plant from the ground up – from Maintenance Supervisors right through to Process Engineers and Unit Managers. Many clients experience a significant improvement in efficiency from week one, with most reporting a return on their investment within the first six months of implementation.

About the Autorodder™

Ingenious in design, the Autorodder™ comprises standard parts to ensure seamless integration with existing plant equipment – ideal for operations with deep-rooted process issues that have, until now, been too difficult to solve. If your project is under development, avoid unnecessary retrofitting by including the Autorodder™ into your equipment planning. Clearguard can provide a variety of technical resources to assist with the due diligence process.

The Autorodder™ is currently needed and used in applications around the world – from alumina refining in Australia, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE and the USA, to chemical installations in Europe, U.K., USA, power generation in India, S.E. Asia, Australia, USA, and oil refining in Europe and the USA.


Since its formation in 2000, thousands of Autorodder™ units have been supplied across the world including operations in the USA, U.K., Europe, India, Brazil, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.