Support throughout the feasibility process.

If you’re considering the Autorodder™ for your company, Clearguard has the capability and industry expertise to assist you at each step of your due diligence process.

We understand that introducing a new technology into an organization can be a complex exercise and may even be met with reluctance. As an engineering firm built on strong relationships with leading global corporations, Clearguard will ensure your project’s key decision makers are engaged from the outset – providing all relevant documentation, product information, and financial data to assist your company in determining the viability of the Autorodder™, prior to signing any contract.

Understanding your company’s needs.

Since our establishment in 2000, Clearguard has delivered the Autorodder™ to dozens of companies across the USA, U.K., Australia, the UAE, India and Europe. Our clients are leaders in their industry, operating in a range of sectors including Oil & Gas, Chemical, Mineral Refining and Fossil Fuel. With such a diverse client base, Clearguard has developed a deep understanding of what industries, projects, and the locations in which they operate expect from technology providers.

We can support you and your company with any query you may have about our product and services. Common questions we are asked include:

  • Where is the Autorodder™ manufactured?
  • Can it be manufactured to my specific location’s safety standards?
  • Can it be customized to my equipment?
  • How disruptive will installation be to our day-to-day operations?
  • What will the return on investment be?
  • What servicing and maintenance is required; will my personnel need to be trained?
  • What is the minimum risk to capital, life and the environment?

We recognize that each project has its own organizational structure and that decision makers vary between companies. Clearguard can support all stakeholders – no matter their function – with any documentation they require, to ensure the process of implementing the Autorodder™ is as seamless and worry-free as possible.