Enabling safer and more efficient Chemical processing.

There is no room for error in the Chemical production industry. If your process operates blind for even a split second the emergency shutdown system will likely be triggered, halting production. The implications of an outage are significant, with each day of lost production having a severe financial impact on operations. Additionally, manual intervention will inevitably be required to rod out the blockage – a dangerous task that puts lives at risk.

Key issues faced in the Chemical sector.


  • Equipment malfunction or failure as a result of chemical blockages.
  • Personnel operating in toxic and hazardous environments with high temperatures and pressures.
  • Managing clogged pipes and measurement holes with hydroblasting, a short-term solution requiring unit shutdown. Liquid or gas introduced to clear plugged tapping points may also interfere with the chemical composition and process measurement.
  • Operating blind based on false readings from field devices, including pressure differential instrumentation.
  • Constant threat of unit shutdowns which can cost operations millions of dollars in lost production.

How the Autorodder™ helps:


  • Automatically cleans out tapping points by scraping away chemical build-up at regular intervals.
  • With accurate process variable measurement guaranteed 24/7, unit operation and production time can be increased – thus extending the period between unit outages/shutdowns.
  • Once installed, the Autorodder™ is a ‘set and forget’ device. There is little to no requirement for maintenance or repairs and no external servicing.
  • Enables your field instrumentation to perform at its maximum potential.
  • Rebuilds confidence in your pressure measurement system. When you put the Autorodder™ in place, you end up with clearer picture.

The Autorodder™ has been implemented in chemical plants throughout the USA, Europe, and India – including on sites operated by the world’s largest chemicals producer and manufacturer, BASF.