An automated solution for Fossil Fuels.

Coal fired power plants are undoubtedly one of the more challenging operational environments, with equipment regularly exposed to extremely high temperatures and both low and high pressures. When a plant utilizes a flue gas desulfurization system there are additional factors to consider including the risk of shutdown caused by blocked tapping points, leading to equipment failure.

Key issues faced by coal and biomass fired power plants.


  • Keeping furnace pressure tapping points clear.
  • Soot that builds up in pipes, impacting steam generation.
  • Ensuring fans are working efficiently to clear flue gas build up.
  • Stalling of large axial fans.
  • Delayed manual rodding out leading to false pressure signals that trip the boiler, disrupting the plant.
  • Safety issues associated with manual rodding out.
  • Losing accurate process instrument signal due to scaled up measuring port.
  • Operating blind based on false readings from field devices, including pressure differential instrumentation.
  • Breaching environmental emissions criteria caused by inadvertently releasing dirty gases into the atmosphere.

How the Autorodder™ helps:


  • The ability to clean out tapping points without causing any negative reaction or back-pressure on boiler instruments.
  • Once implemented can be a ‘set and forget’ device. There is little to no requirement for maintenance or repairs.
  • The boiler operation will be significantly more reliable and can be kept online as a power generator.
  • Eliminates shutdowns caused equipment failure and manual rodding out of tapping points.
  • Significantly reduces the volume of purge needed. The Autorodder™ enables your instrumentation to perform at its maximum potential.
  • Rebuilds confidence in your pressure measurement system. When you put the Autorodder™ in place, you end up with clearer picture.
  • A cost-effective solution reducing labour, consumable material (in the form of purges), and culpability. Saves operations money on utilities, purge gases, and time spent researching instrumentation that works.

The Autorodder™ has been implemented in a number of coal power plants where flue gas desulfurization occurs – successfully keeping tapping points open to ensure pressure measurements can be accurately obtained, and equipment can operate at its optimum level.