Improving process measurement confidence for Mineral Refining.

Having confidence in unit instrumentation data is vital to the success of a mineral refining plant. But when scaling and tapping point blockages cause data inaccuracies, operations are unable to get a true picture from their measurements – impacting decision making. While a purge can be conducted to remove a blockage, the solution is imperfect; fluid can become parasitic, and scale and crystallisation will inevitably return. Eventually, the manual task of rodding out blocked tapping points will be required, putting personnel at risk of serious injury or death.

Key issues faced in the Mineral Refining sector.


  • Blockages and scaling within processing units resulting unreliable and inaccurate data, often unrealised for significant periods of time.
  • Reliance on a purge as a short-term solution. Introduced purge material can become parasitic over time, affecting the process, with manual rodding out eventually required.
  • Safety issues associated with the manual rodding out process.
  • Personnel operating blind based on false readings from field instruments.
  • Spillages and Carry Over causing environmental issues and clean-up costs.
  • Spurious unit outages due to loss of process variable measurement.

How the Autorodder helps:


  • Automatically cleans out filter flow applications by keeping tapping points open 24/7.
  • Significant improvement in process measurement confidence with data always accurate; the threat of blockages is removed.
  • Once implemented can be a ‘set and forget’ device. There is little to no requirement for maintenance or repairs.
  • The associated safety risk to personnel is eliminated.
  • Eliminates shutdowns caused by equipment failure and manual rodding out of tapping points – potentially saving a project thousands of dollars in labour, equipment, and lost production.
  • Reduces the need for purge and for purge material to flood your system. The Autorodder™ enables your instrumentation to perform at its maximum potential.
  • Rebuilds confidence in your pressure measurement system. When you put the Autorodder™ in place, you end up with clearer picture.

The Autorodder™ has been implemented in mineral refining operations across the world including Australia, the USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Zambia and India.