Eliminating an unsafe manual
process for Oil Refining.

The process of refining oil can pose significant risk to both personnel and plant equipment. Even with the most stringent of safety measures in place, when an instrument tapping point become partially or completely plugged, productivity is affected and safety compromised. Human intervention will be required to clear the blockage which cannot be achieved during a ‘live’ process.

Key issues faced in the Oil Refining sector.


  • Managing blockages that lead to equipment malfunction or failure.
  • Safety issues associated with the manual rodding out process.
  • The risk of explosion through loss of or unreliable level, pressure or flow measurement, which can have catastrophic consequences.
  • Costly shutdowns, with lost production in the millions of dollars.
  • Spillages can have severe environmental and safety consequences.

How the Autorodder™ helps:


  • Automatically cleans out tapping points by scraping away build-up at regular intervals.
  • Once installed, the Autorodder™ is a ‘set and forget’ device. There is little to no requirement for maintenance or repairs and no external servicing.
  • Interrogation of Autorodder™ operation can confirm accurate and reliable process data is transmitted from the field device – thus eliminating plant and unit outages caused by partially or completely plugged tapping points and loss of process measurement.
  • Guaranteed accurate and reliable data from your robust and sophisticated field contact instrument allows for greater operator confidence and improved unit efficiency such as your coker, alkylation and desulphurization units.

The Autorodder™ has been implemented in a number of refineries across the USA, UK and Europe.